St. Austine on How to Achieve Salvation

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  • Published : May 4, 2009
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In the Christian Tradition there is a lot of debate of how to achieve salvation. St. Augustine and Luther have different but similar views on how to achieve salvation. The way of salvation is evil and what evil is and how it affects salvation. Evil is present in everyday life according to both Luther and Augustine. Evil blocks the path to salvation in both Luther's and Augustine’s views. Evil appears in everyday life as greed and hungry for power. Luther does not have a large problem himself getting rid of the want for greed or to have power, but Augustine does and it can be seen in his works how he struggles with it for a while. They both have the problem of figuring out how to deal with parents and societies expectations that they did not have to be something that involves evil. While they both have similar problems they have different ways of avoiding the rest of the world. They seem to have problems when they are younger but they find themselves once they reach middle age. Once they manage to conquer the evils they have they both come up with insightful and intriguing but different ideas on how to keep evil out of the world. Luther is concerned with saving the church from itself while Augustine stayed with the books when it came to his strategy of helping people defeat evil. Augustine spent his once he had solved his own problems being a moral compass for others and writing for future generations. They both in the end finding there own ways of beating evil for themselves and showing the rest of the world the way to salvation. St. Augustine's view on what is wrong with humanity focuses on what can be done to stop humanity from making mistakes. St. Augustine focuses on his own problems with wanting to be someone who is powerful and respected to someone who is respected by God. Saint Augustine goes about trying to figure out what is wrong with Humanity by trying to figure out what is wrong with him. He went through a number of arguments with himself of...
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