Spraying Hazards and Suffering

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Submitted to the Principal, in fulfilment of the requirements of the syllabus for X Trimester BHRD with BBM – A Composite Graduate Programme as prescribed by the Board of Studies


This is to certify that this dissertation titled “A SPRAYING HAZARDS AND SUFFERING” is a bonafide work done by Mr. ALOK S CHANDRASHEKAR (Reg.No-200706) in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the curriculum for the X Trimester BHRD with BBM – A Composite Graduate Programme offered by College for Leadership and Human Resource Development, Mangalore.

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Date: 16 July 2010


Agriculture is one of society’s most basic needs and activities. Most recently, the ever increasing trend in agriculture has been towards large scale, chemical based farming. In 1987 a report on effect of pesticides on agro products stated that pesticide residue in food is one of the nations most serious health hazards. Some chemicals may be recognized as safe but some are hazardous to people. There are less stringent laws about growing crops. In order to destroy pests, farmers spray hazards and spoil their health and people who live in and around that area. These pesticide residues cannot be washed off. They affect the skin of farmers and other people. These days farmers are using Endosulfan, an organic chlorine used as insecticide and acaricide. This colorless solid these days has emerged as a highly controversial agri chemical due to its toxicity. It is banned in more than 62 countries including European Union and several Asian and West African nations. This colorless chemical is making people suffer. Because of its threat to environment, a global ban on the use and manufacture of endosulfan is being considered under Stockholm convention.

In the present world where violence becomes a way of life and everybody accepts it as natural, it is important that we should try our own levels to mitigate the suffering due to violence and try to harness violence. This research, though as a result of the academic purpose, is such an effort to create awareness among people about the violence that happens by spraying hazardous pesticide called endosulfan.

This dissertation is also a requirement for the completion of the X Trimester of BHRD with BBM a Composite Graduate Programme.

The information needed to conduct the research was collected by browsing the internet and reading and referring to books and articles in newspaper on effects of endosulfan.

The work of doing the dissertation was started by identifying the area of study which resulted in violence. Then the researcher had to read articles related to the subject. Then incidents of effect on people by endosulfan was collected from news papers and the net after which, an analysis of the same was made based on which the discoveries were made and recommendations suggested. A printout of the matter of the work done was made to be submitted to the Principal of the college.


Between 1980 and 2000 for controlling the insect called ‘T-Mosquito’ that had been inflicting heavy damage to the cashew plantations, Karnataka Cashew Development Corporation had hired helicopters to spray Endosulfan over 800 acres at the rate of twice yearly. By the year 1997 Kokkada, Patrame and Nidle villages of Belthangady Taluk in Karnataka, surfaced with ill effecs of Endosulfan; Mental and Physical disorders, Handicaps of various degrees, Blood and other Cancers, Heart diseases, Dumbness, Blindness, Deafness etc. Endosulfan has been used in agriculture around the world to control pests. India is the world’s largest consumer of...
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