Spousal Abuse Effects on Children

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Spousal Abuse is a deadly serious problem. What are possibly even worse than spousal abuse are the effects of it on the children of the households it occurs in. Children who live in homes where spousal abuse occurs are often considered to be the “silent”, “forgotten”, or “unintended” victims of spousal abuse. Typically, the abuser in the abusive relationship does not know the potential emotional and mental damage they are doing to the children of the family. It is almost inevitable for male children who grew up in a home where spousal abuse occurred to grow up and commit the same acts their mother’s batterer did. In fact, boys who witness abuse of their mother by their father are more likely to inflict severe violence as adults. Girls who witness maternal abuse may tolerate abuse as adults more than girls who have not. (Hotaling & Sugarman, 2) Though not all children will grow up and react in such an abusive manner. Some children demonstrate enormous resiliency. (Domestic Violence and the Child Welfare System) The idea of the model American family is also a victim in this case. Since these children are at an increased risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence themselves, (CRCVC, 16) the cycle of spousal abuse is seemingly never-ending. Not only is the model of the ideal American family at risk, but America's education system as well. The children of families in which spousal abuse occurs are prone to develop mild to severe mental symptoms and behavior. When children are withdrawn, subdued, or exhibit mute behavior, it obstructs their ability to learn. Plus, if the children do not receive treatment, they will be at significant risk for delinquency, substance abuse, and straight up school dropout. (Volpe, 1) If the violence just gets to be too much to bear, the children (specifically males), will act out and in most cases harm if not kill their parent’s abuser. 63% of all males between the ages of 11 and 20 who are serving time in...
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