Spot Fixing in Cricket Match

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Topic: Spot fixing in cricket matches.

1. Introduction

Spot fixing in sports is the practice of fixing a specific segment within a match. It usually involves a player agreeing, prior to the game that he will perform in a particular way. In cricket this might involve a batsman agreeing to only get a certain number of runs, or a bowler bowling a consecutive number of wide balls in a particular over, etc. Spot fixing stands in contrast to match fixing which refers to the practice of fixing the result of an entire match rather than the performance of one or more individual players within it. By its very nature then, spot fixing is a more discreet manipulation of a game, making it much more difficult to detect than match fixing.

Spot fixing in cricket has rapidly increased for the last few years. It’s becoming impossible to detect as well. “Spot-fixing, the manipulation of individual incidents within a match which may not affect the result, is a more insidious crime and one which can be impossible to detect.” (Mehaffey,2012). The players are becoming addicted to it as it is less risky and also it will help them to earn more money within a short period of time.
Spot fixing is becoming a great threat. Betting houses and gamblers are aware of it and they are putting more money on cricket. It’s not the only concern for cricket but also the money that has been earned through betting are used to illegal activities such as buying arms for terrorists etc. So it’s very important for players and other cricket officials to discourage this.

2. Background

The expression spot fixing has emerged by analogy with the gambling term spot betting. Spot betting is the practice of betting on particular aspects of a sporting event, and since the likelihood of making accurate predictions about details is slimmer than it would be for guessing an overall result so that winnings can be much higher. Spot fixing is therefore the criminal activity of paying a competitive sportsperson to deliberately act in a way that enables someone to land winning spot bets. The spot fixing was first came to our mind when the world was stunned by three Pakistani players  Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were jailed after arranging for deliberate no-balls to be delivered in the 2010 Lord's test against England. English author and cricket betting tipster Ed Hawkins has said a lot about spot fixing in his book "Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy: A Journey to the Heart of Cricket's Underworld"

Spot fixing is the easiest way to attract a cricketer to involve in it. Cricketers are so much clever now a day that they are not allowing themselves to get involved in match fixing. Moreover they are earning more money by doing it spontaneously. “Experts believe, gone are the days of match-fixing with lens chasing every move of players and bookies. Spot-fixing is an easier tool to make money as it involves relatively lesser risk and lower stakes. In spot- fixing, one 'hot' player may be won upon by the bookie to do the needful and rake in the moolah.” (Vishwanathan, 2010, p.2).

Spot fixing is the new big issue in world cricket. Lord’s test wasn’t the first time spot fixing had been applied in cricket but more or less it was happening in county cricket as well where the domestic leagues been played. Vishwanathan (2010), “This isn't the first time it has come to light. Back in September 2009, during a pro40 match against Durham, Essex cricketers Danish Kaneria and Mervyn Westfield were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud.” (p.4).

Match fixing are on a dying circumstances. Even a bookie or gambler knows there are at least 80% players who cannot sell their patriotism for money. Moreover, in case of match fixing they need more players to fix and change the direction of the match. Spot fixing is better because it cannot affect the whole match. Bookies can also attract players by encouraging them....
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