Sports V.S. Computer

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  • Published : November 30, 2010
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The Real Filipino Youth:
Sports vs. Computer

Filipino youth are known for their love, their care, their understanding, their physical fitness, their faith in God, their friendliness, their outstanding values, hospitality among them. They are also good at cooking various dishes and playing many sports and native games. But now, the youth of our country has preferred sitting all day in front of a computer and play games, rather than playing Sipa, Sepak Takraw, Volleyball, Badminton or even Basketball. Sure, some kids still play those games, but the ratio of kids playing computer games to kids playing sports is “ten is to one”. How about you? How about your kids? What do they prefer? What really makes a kid a real Filipino youth? Computer or sports?

For the past years, kids loved to play sports, and until now they still play sports. But the number of athletic kids now has decreased since the introduction of modern technology to us. We have been using Gameboy, Playstation, P.S.P. and now, computer. The other games have been famous but not like the computer. Unlike the other gadgets, playing computer costs less than the rest. You can pay twenty pesos to play one hour while you need to buy a P.S.P. for seven thousand pesos! That’s why most kids have chosen to play computer games. The computer can help us do what we need to do, but, while using it, you will not notice but once you stop, you still want to play more. This is the thing that has happened to kids that has stopped them from doing more important things. But, you can also use the computer to search important things that may be about your studies and things that help you excel not only in school, but also in life. You may get addicted in using the computer, but you have a choice whether to play more or stop and start playing sports. While the computer lets you have fun, physical games also lets you have fun. Not only that, you can also enhance your physical fitness along with your mental and social...
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