Sports: a Life Changer

Topics: Role model, Life, What Happened Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Adam Ricca
Dr. Gholson
English 210.15
March 7, 2013
Sports: A Life Changer
For as long as I can remember sports have been one of the main focuses of life. Weekends were filled with watching sports games, playing games and going to practices for grade school teams. Every game lasts for ages, which made playing much sweeter. Organized sports became the driving force behind every interest. The weekends playing from dusk until dawn; are some of the best memories of childhood. Sports have also made the bond between father and son much stronger because of the strong connection shared. Sports shape young minds, teaches valuable lessons, and gives hope to millions on an everyday basis.

When growing up young Adam Ricca craved to do anything sports related. Every thought he had was somehow always connected to how he could apply that thought to sports. Adam played on as many organized sports teams as he could as child. Baseball was his favorite even though he was not very good at it. This made him work harder at becoming better because he wanted to be the best on the team. He never did get there but he learned a few valuable lessons along the way. Adam found that if he worked his butt of at something that mattered to him he would see the results. Another lesson Adam learned was how to be humble. He knew no matter how much work he put in to make himself better, there would always be someone better, faster, stronger. He knew that he had to respect and admire his competition otherwise he would be a sore loser. As Adam grew older his love for sports grew stronger, but his skill diminished. He was okay with that because he knew he was nothing special. Adam started dreaming about a career linked to sports because he felt he would excel in the field of sports. As Adam got to college he realized that a career in sports was a difficult one to chose. He had no idea what field of sports he wanted to go into because he loved them all. One day he realized that sports may not...
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