Sports in the Mass Media

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Sports in the mass media

This paper is about how sports are betrayed in the media and how much coverage they received over other things.

Sports in the Mass Media
Hamilton M. Randle III
SOC: 101 Introduction to Sociology
Sheila Schmitz
January 4, 2012

Sports in the Mass Media
Since I was three years old I have always known that my heart would be settled into sports. My father was an outstanding basketball player who played for the Marines national team. He had a tryout with the Lakers when I was nine years old. That was my role model in life. I can remember when I was ten years old me and my friends would mock athletes such as Michael Jordan and Joe Montana. I can remember how the Media would portray Michael Jordan as the greatest man alive and because of his athletic talents it would be better to be him than a school teacher. In society today the people that count the most to the media are the kardashians and the james and so on and so on. What has society shown us to believe? We have been taught to believe in the fame and the fortune of athletes in this day and time. Media is a pervasive social influence that inevitably impacts how people see themselves and others. Television, film, the Internet, video games, magazines, and advertising all send forth clear gender-biased messages.” (Chp. 3.5) When we as a society understands that the media is controlling our minds by perception of what they want us to believe than what we know by common sense, the world as we know it will change. What has the Mass Media done to me? That’s a very intriguing question coming from a kid who thought that athletics was his only way out of a bad neighborhood. The media gave my community the vision that if you didn’t play sports or was a great musician a regular way of life wasn’t fit for you. When I was young I didn’t have much to follow but watching someone make a game winning shot or a long run. I can remember when Charles Barkley came out with that commercial saying that I am not a role model and the media went crazy. They have made a sequel to that commercial that just has been airing recently. The only difference is he is trying to get people to loose weight. The media stated that he was a bad guy because he is supposed to set an example for the kids. What exactly did he do or say wrong? Mr. Barkley basically told the truth by saying that there are a lot more people in this world than a basketball player. When that incident happen and the media went on a frenzy one of the local broadcasters decided to start a campaign to make Charles to be this criminal. I can understand the story that the media was trying to set, but at that time it was the Regan era and they needed anything to make someone look guilty. Charles David says “The immediate riposte was that demonstrable public demand for ‘bad’ journalism had to be satisfied, and that no group of privileged individuals had the right to dictate what the ‘masses’ wanted to read and see.” (the untruly unity) Than just like any other time society took the back seat and decided to listen to the media instead of the real reasoning of what Mr. Barkley was trying to say. I can say in my lifetime that I have fell into that realm of ignorance and not use the front part of my brain cause of the persuading broadcaster. I have been persuaded by the media that athletes are above the law and they receive free passes because of there status. The media has led us to believe that you go to college for sports first and education second. That’s why there’s so much coverage of the bowl games and the superbowl and the men’s basketball tournament. Ask yourself, if the media had embraced Mr. Barkley’s statements where do you think America would have turned. Do you think a teacher or a firefighter’s salary would have been raised? Even better, do you think they would be idolized just like your average athlete? That commercial was very important on so many...
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