Spiderman vs. Metamorphosis

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  • Published : October 5, 2010
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Carly Nichols
5th period

The main character in the movie Spiderman and the story Metamorphosis shows alienation from others. When compared one can find similarities such as these listed. Peter from Spiderman starts to prove the idea of alienation from the beginning of the movie before he even transforms into Spiderman and after he transforms. Gregor from the story alienated himself away from others when he was a business man and even so when he converts to a bug. The costume Peter wears as Spiderman represents a shield from others. Gregor hiding in his room is also a representation of hiding from others. Anger and realization of not relating of others become factors of alienation to the characters’ lives. The new conditions in Peter’s and Gregor’s lives changed them forever. In the beginning of Spiderman Peter doesn’t fit in with the people at his school. It appears that he resembles a nerd. Many people pick on him. Metamorphosis portrays Gregor as a business man who just cares about his job and doesn’t allow much time for anyone. A new species spider bit Peter and caused him to go through changes that reason him to alienation. His body physically changes which made him revolve into violence. Even though he changed as a person he maintains different from everyone. Peter did things he never thought he would do before. Gregor awakes in his bed one day as a bug. Gregor as a bug remains alienated from others. The bug has to stay in his bed. These two characters already were absent from others and after their change remain alienated. Peter and Gregor both use methods of hiding from others. The Spiderman costume represented Peter’s shield to hide from the world. Dehumanization made Peter greater than everyone. Hiding from people seemed to be the way he had to deal with his new difficult changes in his life. When he put on his costume he automatically became free. Peter helped people in danger. The super powers separated him from a normal person. That...
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