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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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“The Spice of Life”

The “Spice of Life”, written by G.K. Chesterton, explores the society in which he lives. G.K. Chesterton touches on what he believes are the faults of society though deeper and descriptive themes. The themes of this essay are each talked on much more and have fewer examples, unlike his other essays. “You never enjoy a game till you enjoy being beaten at the game”, this phrase is example of one of the themes in the essay. This passage is reflective on society and the fact that most people expect to win all the time. He pushes on the reader that if you haven’t felt the agony of the fall then you will never feel the triumph of success. Unlike some previous essays he explains this theme with one example. Another change that in this essay, compared to his others, was that this essay consists of words that describe strong emotions all throughout the play. This set the scene for the essay, because it makes his points come across as strong and relatable. Another interesting tool that I found in this essay was the author’s ability to compare something to opposite ends of the spectrum. On the first page he explains that we all usually associate spices to life, but he on the contrasts also compares spices to death by using the example of the mummies. Chesterton did however continue to use a satirical tone in his writing which caught the reader’s attention. “The Spice of Life” was more direct to the point and clear, compared to the other two pieces of work that we read, it allowed me to focus on what he was trying to convey in his writing.
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