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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Facebook, Sociology Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Welcome to Ted.com I’m a year 12 student from ___collage here today to discuss with you reasons why Social media isn’t responsible for a decline in the quality of human relationship. There are a lot of people who believe social media is the reason people have lost quality of human relationship. It is my belief that social media can improve human relationships and have positive long-term impact on relationships in general. People have a natural inclination to communicate, connect, and share their experiences with others, and with the rise of social media and other digital channels of communication our actual ‘definition’ of relationships is shifting. It’s very rare to find someone who doesn’t use some form of mobile device or PC. The Internet and social media have become a normal part of our everyday interactions.

Some research reveals a decline in participation and cooperation with family members due to technology overriding quality time with family. Also, a major criticism of social media is the problem of cyber-bullying and a lack of privacy, although everyone has the choice to block people and put there profiles on private to easily avoid cyber bullying, even being able to file a report on someone else’s profile for bullying or any other sort of harassment. Though, there are many positives points of view, such as the fact that we are able to connect with a much wider and diverse range of people. We can keep in touch with friends and family that we may not have been able or willing to in the past, and we can also keep in more constant and continual contact with others. It’s quite possible that the quality of connections people make online is completely Subjective, but the fact remains that social media is an ever expanding wonder that will pervade future generations lives. Social media communication leads too more online than offline relationships. You not only can maintain friendships with your older friends, but you also get to know many like-minded...
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