Speech Recognition Technology System: Development and Applications

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Final Research Project

Health Care Information System 649
December 02, 2012

This research paper presents an overview of speech recognition technology system development and applications. My research begins with the definition of the speech recognition system and continues on to exploring its usages, benefits, costs and the level of accuracy that one should expect from using this system. The benefits and problems users are facing from utilizing this innovative technology are the highlights of this research. An application of speech recognition technology in the healthcare industry is another section that this paper explores briefly. Please note that speech recognition technology in general recognizes speech and speaker, but this paper is concerned with speech recognition rather than speaker recognition. Keywords: SR, ASR, STT,

In computer science, speech recognition (SR) is the translation of spoken words to text. It is also known as automated speech recognition (ASR), computer speech recognition, speech to text or just (STT) (Kirriemuir, 2003, Para. 1). Some SR systems use training where an individual speaker reads section of text into the SR system. These SR systems are analyze the person’s specific voice and use it to fine tune the recognition of that person’s speech, resulting in more accurate transcription. Systems that do not use training are called “Speaker Independent” systems. Systems that use training are called “Speaker Dependent” systems (Kirriemuir, 2003, Para. 4). A speech recognition system consists of the following: a microphone for the person to speak into, speech recognition software, a computer to take and interpret the speech, and a good quality soundcard for input and /or output.

How does it...
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