Speech: Chewing Gum

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  • Published : October 15, 2013
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Do you ever wonder that smacking noise coming from someone’s mouth and you just want to turn around and smack the heck out of that person? That is an image of a cow chewing grass. Annoying right? Yes folks, which is a true beauty of chewing gum.

There is more into of chewing gum than looking like a cow. The ancient Aztecs used chicle as a base for making the gum-like substance. Everyone started chewing gum in the Neolithic time period. But modern chewing gum was first developed in the 1860s. When chicle has imported from Mexico. For the use of a rubber substance. Now it looks like gum has been useful to everyone in the beginning of the years.

Sometimes when people smack their gum you wonder why they are chewing gum. Well, someone people need to refresh that little burning fire in their mouth. Another reason would be to maintain the calm nerves. Also it reduces the duration of post-operative ileus which leads to gastrointestinal surgery gum can also be useful for little and big events as well. Statistics says that people chewing gum will improved their test scores when taking an exam.

I figure everyone’s pet peeve is stepping on gum. Sometimes it effects the environment. Gum cam stick to any surfaces like benches, sidewalks, or anything their stinky hands can get on. Yet did you know gum bonds to asphalt and rubber shoe soles? Also gum are all made from polymeric hydro carbons. Now you didn’t think just gum and chewing itself can be that important.

Maybe when you see someone chewing gum down the street, enlighten a fact about chewing gum.
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