Species Diversity and Ecosystem Stability

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Problem Statement6
Purpose of Project7
Literature Review9 - 13
Site-Visits14 - 33
Laboratory Exercises34 - 49
The Final Report
Presentation of Data
Bar Graphs52 - 54
Line Graphs55 - 56
Tables57 – 58
Calculations59 - 60
Discussion61 - 63
Conclusion64 - 65
Recommendations66 - 67
Bibliography68 – 70

This report is based on the study of ‘Species Diversity and Ecosystem Stability’ of the New Amsterdam Secondary School’s Eastern Field. This study was carried out by yours truly, Cynthia Rutherford, from the 26th January, 2011 to 5th February, 2011. Even though the study was done over a short period of time, I do hope that it will be lots of benefit to you the readers and edify you of our environment. Thank you.


The title of this study is:
‘Species Diversity and Ecosystem Stability’

Problem Statement
To calculate species diversity using the Simpson’s Diversity Index and thus, to determine ecosystem stability of the eastern field of the New Amsterdam Secondary School.  
Purpose of Study
The researcher chose the topic ‘Species Diversity and Ecosystem Stability’ to investigate: i)Species diversity using the Simpson’s Diversity Index;
ii)And the level of ecosystem stability of the field of study, The Eastern Field of the New Amsterdam Secondary School. The researcher also aims to make relevant recommendations to those in authority as well as those who use the school facility to either change their attitude to improve their surroundings, or how they should continue their work to keep the environment as it is.  

In order to carry out the investigation ‘Species Diversity and Ecosystem Stability’, the researcher designed a strictly followed plan of six steps. The gathering of all relevant information pertaining to the topic was the first step. In order to commence the study, the researcher acknowledged that education on species diversity and its relation to ecosystem stability was vital. Thus, literature of ‘Species Diversity and Ecosystem Stability’ was gathered and the review comprised. The second step was for the researcher to specifically outline what the objectives of the investigation were before choosing a field to study. The third step – selection of an appropriate field of study. Upon informal observation and availability of land to the researcher, the New Amsterdam Secondary School’s eastern field was chosen. The land was rich with vegetation and a variety of fauna had made the area their habitat or grazing field. Also the distance from the site to the school’s laboratory to perform necessary tests were also taken into consideration during this step. Step four, a schedule and necessary check-lists were created to use throughout the investigation. The check-list was used specifying what to observed, procedures needed to be taken, and samples needed to be taken for testing. The schedule was drafted for site-visits, that is, time (1500 hours), date (every two days) and duration of visit (two hours each visit). Visits were made to the site as the next step, five. Rainfall measurement were measured once bi-daily, observations were made of the environment and also noted. The method of systematic sampling was done to make an account of the flora and fauna species present on the field. Soil samples were taken for the testing of pH as well as pond water and rainwater. Laboratory exercises followed each site-visit – the pH test of soil, pond water and rainwater; the measurement of rainfall the above ground biomass; and the planning and designing laboratory exercise. The final step involved the comprising of data collected from site-visits and laboratory exercises to complete and draw conclusion to the study.

Literature Review
“An ecosystem is a functional unit of the environment that includes all organisms and physical features within a given area” (Moran, J.M.,...
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