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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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In my life, there are two special events that I was proud and satisfied what I did which are join the basketball team and army. Even though those years were tiring and sometime I even want to give up, but I stay strong and defeat them. When I attended to middle school, I find my interest so I join the school basketball team. I had so much fun during the years when I was in the team. I meet so many friends and we taught each other how to improve our basketball skills. Therefore, when I attend to high school, the first thing I did is to apply the school basketball team which I made it. I was so excited to meet more new teammates and work together to go to more basketball contests. Unexpectedly, my second year of high school, my parents decided to send me to United States to study aboard. When I went to the new school in Houston, I ask my friends how to apply for school basketball team and they said it is very difficult to make in to the team. They said for Asian, it is very hard to get in because the Americans were very good at it and they are much taller. I was scared, but I know I can work hard and prove everyone that I can make in to the school basketball team. Every day after school, I ran for miles and practice basketball for a long time. I told myself I cannot give up and be strong. On the try out day, I was scared and nervous. Finally, the next day the coach told me that I made in the team and I was so happy and excited. Most of my friends were surprise and cannot believe I actually made it. Even though after join the team, I needed to practice more, but I feel all the hard work is worth it.             Taiwan's military service in our country is only the obligations and responsibilities for males. I was chosen to be the Honor Guard because my height. When I first find out that I was going to be a Honor Guard, I was so excited because I always think they are so cool and handsome. Finally, the first month of my training, I was tired and overwhelm. Every day,...
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