Sparta or Athens Essay

Topics: Sparta, Battle of Thermopylae, The 300 Spartans Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Sparta Essay

Sparta or Athens? Well I choose Sparta. Sparta was an easier living for both men and women alike. They had a better and extremley tough military, a better lifestyle for both men and women, and a fairly formal education. In Sparta you lived a proud life and had pride. Life in Athens was very different from this, let me tell you why.

They had an extremely tough military. Most of there training was very brutal, but it made them some of the toughest men who ever lived. Sparta won countless battles against Athens and other city- states as well. 300 Spartans once killed over 20,000 Athens men in a number of days. They were so immune to pain because they started this brutal training when they turned 7. There was once a little boy who stole a baby fox to eat because he was so hungry, then one of the elders came over to him so he hid it under his clothes and while they talked away it slowly was eating him alive until he died. Because of how great there military is leads to there type of lifestyle.

Life for Spartans was pretty simple. Boys were in the city doing there thing until they were about 7 then they went away to military training. For women they were treated shockingly fair. They could roam around the city as they please, could own property, and they were there own person. In Athens men had the choice of being in the military or not. Even though they all had to go for at least the required 2 years, most didn't stay so they didn't have that toughness to them. Also in their city women were owned like property, which is not right. Spartas lifestyle also gave them the proper education.

In Sparta everyone got some form of education. Even though the younger boys were in the military training most of the time they were given a brief education and taught how to read and write. For women they were all extremely active and in good shape, they kept them healthy so they could breed good healthy Spartan babies. But they were also educated in reading...
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