Spare the Rod Spoil the Child

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Which is better ― to correct disobedient kids using some physical punishment or to let them go scot-free at school? This is one of the biggest problems our current education is facing; to teach with or without a pointer.

The progressive group insists on the one hand that such punishment should disappear from schools, protesting that it is against human rights. But I doubt the appropriateness of using the word human rights here. Can human rights apply to this case of educating a person to be cognizant of what true human rights are?

Referring to a priority in human rights, which comes first, the right to learn or the right not to undergo physical punishment at all? Therefore, on the other hand, the conservatives always contend that physical punishment is a necessary evil for the successful management of education at school where hundreds of students with like so many different personal traits are assembled.

When words or any other methods do not work to control some of the spoiled students that will not listen to their teachers, what can the teacher do otherwise? Do they have to give up on them? If the kids are abandoned by their teachers at school, they are sure to turn into bad eggs in society.

In a small and large society, is it possible at all to run it without inflicting occasional punishment to its members? What's the reason for our living surrounded by all kinds of restrictions like regulations, rules and laws? Why should we sometimes be subject to incarceration in the worst case?

Even Christ and Buddha who are the saints symbolic of the ultimate goodness taught their followers citing the stories of heaven and hell. Supposedly they believed that humans are to be threatened by punishment and the fear of punishment like falling into an inferno works effectively.

By the same token, is there any way to educate a person without discipline? Punishment or a threat to punish is necessary for developing discipline and for this purpose castigation...
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