Spanish Civil War

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

In July 1936, the civil war flared up in Spain between two groups: the Republicans (also known as : the left side), supported by the USSR and some Americans volunteered, and the Nationalists ( also known as : The right side), led by General Francisco Franco and supported by the Italians and Germans. The war is going to be characterized by the battles going back and forth during the three year period the war last (1936-1939). The consequences of this war were dramatic; 700,000 soldiers were killed, 30,000 people were either executed or assassinated, and 15,000 were killed in air attacks. Spain was economically defeated and the population was still divided even though the Nationalists won and Spain was ruled by General Francisco Franco until his death. But all through this paper we are going to determine how this war triggered off as well as the top battles, while we would explain the tactics.

In fact, this war doesn’t break out overnight, a chain of events happened before the military uprising. Those events started on April 1931, when Alfonso XII leaves Spain and there is a proclamation of the II Republic on April 14th. On 1932, Catalonia get their autonomy statute, and the connive on the Republicans started. Two years later, the ‘Frente Popular’(FP) is created, which is a coalition of leftist organizations. On February 1936, the F.P. obtains the electoral victory, increasing the conspiracy anti-republican, and in May Azaña becomes the President of the Republic. But it’s not till the tragic death of General Calvo Sotelo (belonging to the Nationalist side), assassinated the morning of July 12th, that the revolutionary don’t decide to rush and to start making moves. The last details of the military uprising lead by General Francisco Franco were checked on July 12th at the Valle del Llamo Amarillo, Morocco, planning on doing it step by step ; first of all at Morroco , then one day later, the rest of Spain. On July...
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