Space Exploration

Topics: Space exploration, NASA, Earth Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: April 20, 2013
From technological advancements to discoveries of new life, space exploration has led to much advancement, including ones that we use in our daily lives. An example would be those comfortable beds that are made of memory foam. Unlocking the mysteries of what’s beyond or planet is the solution to many problems we have here on earth. The possibility of finding new resources and life in space, overpopulation on planet earth and finding a new source of fuel are just a few of many reasons to encourage space exploration. Planet earth is slowly becoming more crowded every year, China has even started to limit the number of children parents are allowed to have. If this continues and all countries start to limit kids, there are just a few generations of having siblings left, us being one of the last. The only positive solution to this problem is to find another planet to colonize. Colonization of another planet is only possible through space exploration. “Every 20 minutes, the human population grows by about 3,000” (Saracino, 1). At this rate “the global population will reach about eight billion by 2030” (Wise 1). Next thing you know, people will be moving in with the penguins in Antarctica or up in the North Pole with Santa clause. I agree that limiting kids can help with this problem but it isn’t a permanent, or at even a long term solution. The sooner we begin to support more space exploration, the sooner we will find out about other planets. If airplanes weren’t fascinating enough, imagine how fascinating it would be to visit family and friends that are literally out of this world. I understand that this sounds outrageous, but it is possible. Along with the population of earth increasing, earth is also running out of natural resources such as water, oil and coal. Not concerned yet? Earth is also running out of Gold, Diamond, Silver and even food. Now that we know the problem, lets come up with a solution. "Everything we hold of value on Earth -- metals, minerals,...
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