Southwest Airlines

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Southwest Airlines
Tangible Resources
Financial Resources - Southwest has always managed its cash well . In the financial year 2001 , the airline had generated 64 ,446 ,773with an operating income of 821 ,659 and a credit value very good Physical Resources - In all the cities it operates instead of having agents or computerized booking system Southwest has its reservation centre and vending machines at the airports . Previously Southwest only operated in cities near Texas , but started to expand in 1993 to other areas in the northeast part of US where the population density was the highest . In addition the company assets have also increased from 22 million in 1971 to approximately 9 billion in 2002 Technological Resources - Southwest has always believed in cutting down additional cost . One of the strategies has been to use only a single type of airplane Boeing 737 for its entire fleet . The size of fleet in 2002 was 355 . Of the remaining aircrafts were leased . At the end of 2001 , Southwest was committed to 132 s for the 737-700 aircraft . The company 's website is responsible for 46 of the has the one of the largest number of clicks per day among all the airline operators Intangible Resources

Human Resources - Southwest airlines increased its employee strength from 195 in the year 1971 to approximately 34 ,000 in the year 2002 . The airline has never laid-off an employee during this period . The company 's management team is excellent be it the president Herb Kelleher , CE James Parker or COO Colleen Parker Reputation Resources - The brand value of Southwest is one of the most unique in its area . The airline in addition to being known as a low-cost airline , Southwest is also known for its excellent service and quirky attitude . The customer associate the name Southwest with an airline that is fun to fly with , caring and also economical

Management - The management of Southwest is considered to be one of most dynamic of all...
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