Southern Citys 1920-1930s

Topics: Southern United States, Ku Klux Klan, United States Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Southern cities in the 1920’s and 1930’s had many unique events and rules depending where you were in the south. During the 1920’s America economy was flourishing, but by the late 1920 our economy tanked and caused many struggles. Another big thing in America was very discrimination. To me the 1920’s and 1930’s seem like a hug roller coaster to America with some great times but then some horrible ones too. Racism was one of the awful things happening in America, and it wasn’t just focused on African Americans. Discrimination was to any minorities or even religions such as catholic or jews. There was groups who focused on this, but the biggest and best known was the the Ku Klux Klan. The klan was all about white American supremacy but other than that The Klan also promoted fundamentalism and devout patriotism along with advocating white supremacy. They blasted bootleggers, motion pictures and promised a return to clean living. The KKK was in its height around this time. In the middle on the 1920’s it is estimated that 3 to 8 million white Americans were a member of the klan. During this time the klan lynched many people and put fear in minority’s all over the southern states. This is one of the many obstacle African Americans faced in the south, other then of course racisms finding a job, housing, public property’s, no colors allowed was everywhere. This was a very uneasy time with riots breaking out, such as the Tulsa riot. On to another topic that I mentioned earlier, the bootleggers; these were people who made or transported alcohol. Bootleggers were very big in the Appalachian mountain area. They would produce the moonshine (type of alcohol) in the woods of the mountains and run it to bigger cities to go straight to speakeasys (an undercover bar that sold alcohol) or to get distrusted in other places around the U.S. Another issue that came about in this time was the great depressions. In southern city’s this put extra stress on every person of every race,...
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