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Topics: Human resources, Hartsville, South Carolina, Packaging companies Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: April 16, 2013
In this paper I will be trying to analyze a company by the name Sonoco Products Company (A): on the case Building a World-Class HR Organization. In this analysis, I will summarize the difficulties and challenges encountered by Sonoco Products Company when it set to modify its business technique in order to stay aggressive and continue its growth in the unpredictable, ever-changing international packaging market. In the year 1995, Cindy Hartley, the senior VP, Human Resources, came to Sonoco and discovered the Human Resources (HR) operation damaged. She soon started operating on a strategy to revitalize HR and connect HR procedures to Sonoco’s company goals(Hartley, Groysberg, and Thomas). As Ms. Hartley was well on her way, Harris DeLoach became the recently hired Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2000. Mr. DeLoach soon identified issues with HR as well as overall company technique in connection to the changes to the market, Sonoco’s detorating profits, etc. Subsequently, he directed Cindy Hartley, to among other factors develop two substitute HR components that would decrease HR’s price by 20% aunting to $2.8 million(Hartley, Groysberg, and Thomas). Other pushing factors for the demand consist of the following: 1.Safeguarding high quality accountability for skills management and consequent improvement. 2.Providing for a more just and equal distribution of HR skills and support 3.Prominently leading the way in assisting the business's new development technique, this often intended working across department collections to market and offer “solutions” to only one huge client

Sonoco Products Organization, an international product packaging company, started in 1899 in Hartsville, Southern Carolina. Established by Major Wayne Coker with $6,000 as the preliminary investment, Sonoco’s exclusive name until 1923 was the Southern Novelty Company, and the new name of Sonoco uses the first two characters from each term of its exclusive name(Doubles). Its...
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