Sonnet 138

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Close Analysis Essay 138
As a reader I have chosen sonnet 138 also known as “when my love swears she is made of truth” this is written by the one and only William Shakespeare. With this it seems to have examples of literary elements and various types of rhythm. Shakespeare seems to write the sonnet in alphabetized letter rhyme scheme. As the reader it seems at a poem that the meaning of the poem changed. Also the author seems older then the woman that he is dating. The woman tells to the speaker with lies even though the speaker knows that they are lies.

As I read the sonnet there are all types of rhymes. For example of a rhyme is located in stanza are lines two and four are lies and subtitles each heave the same ending. Other examples that were seen in lines are three and youth are examples of slant rhyme. Honestly and youth are considered slant rhyme because the syllables in the words are not the same but the ending is the same. There are many examples like seen young and tongue are examples of masculine rhyme. Young and tongue are examples of sight rhyme because they are each one syllable.

I found that the sonnet had examples of literary element. One element is personification which is located in stanza two lines seven “false speaking tongue”. This is considered personification because the tongue also does not speak words. The only thing that that speaks words is a human being. A metaphor is another example which is stanza or line one “she is made of truth” one person cannot be literally is made of truth. Though the sonnet had many changes in words, connotation and denotation was the reason for change. Denotative means that it is useless and connotative means arrogance. It changes the meaning of the sonnet because the young lady thinks that he is not aware of what she is doing.
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