Topics: Rhyme scheme, Simile, Poetry Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: January 2, 2013
sonnDannie James Jr. Mrs. Deaton Honors English 11/28/12 Clouds Go Away - Sonnet

Why is the sky so grey?
The clouds are hurt toddlers, so sad.
They cry like they are teenage girls having a bad day.
They rumble like the sun betrayed them and left them mad.

The sun is a treat, so delightful.
It brings nothing but warmth and light.
It might give you sunburn if it becomes spiteful.
The rays cause faces to glow, what a sight.

I hate rainy days, clouds why do you weep?
Boom! Rumble… your thunder brings me no joy.
Keep it down! I am trying to sleep. You struck someone today… it was a little boy.
It seems like all I do is whine.
I just want the sun to shine.
The type of poem I made is a fourteen line sonnet. It is made up of an ABAB rhyme scheme with a couplet at the end of it. There are four stanzas with four lines in each except the couplet at the end. I chose this pattern because it is more familiar to me than other rhyme schemes. The poem’s main purpose is to show my dislike of cloudy or rainy days. I use a lot of personification in this poem. Using personification is dominant in the poem because I like to make objects come alive. Most of the personification is directed toward clouds in general. One example is in line three of the first stanza, which says, “They cry like they are teenage girls having a bad day.” Personification is also used in line one of the third stanza which states, “I hate rainy days, clouds why do you weep?” Personification was the main...
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