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In these two rap songs, "Ain't Nothin' But A Word To Me" by Too Short (feat. Ice Cube) (1996) and "Bitch Ass Niggaz" by Dr. Dre (feat. Snoop Dogg, Hitman & Six-Two) (2001), explains how women are gendered as sexualized objects that are disposed after use, and racializes the importance of men’s hegemonic masculinity. In this paper I will compare and contrast how women are described as sexual, disposable trash, and men as cowards from the word “bitch.” The concept of "Bitch" is how a person (not necessarily a woman) is thoroughly disliked. In the first song by Too Short the first verse, “She won't complain about shit because, she's my hoe” which he refers to women will not complain. Women will do whatever Too Short tells her. Women belong to him because he owns them. The song makes people think that all women are sluts that sleep around. The rappers have perceived biological differences because women are viewed to be sexual disposable objects. Rappers believe and norms require women to cook, clean, and serve men no matter what mistakes men makes or abuse that women are going through.

Rap music has depicted women as sex objects. The music industries are advertising women as sex appeal symbols. Women are put on display like pieces of commodities or merchandise. The only variance is that the sexually-oriented depictions of women in advertising and media have contemptibly become more open now than before. It is a notorious fact that sex sells. The more nudity or sexual reference depicted, the greater the sales generated in an exploitative and profit-driven music industry. The second verse duet by Ice Cube, “See, he quick to grab a bitch by the throat and slam her ass, cram her ass, with a fat dick Cause she's a trick bitch.” A trick bitch is a female in general. These are the types of behavior men desire. Women, who are sleeping around that men considered trash is normal to her. However, men are showing off their masculinity and manhood to keep their status among their friends by putting women down. Rap music is reaching more people than any other genre therefore the messages and images imbedded within rap music are reaching more people than ever before.  With such a large audience women think this type of behavior is normal to them. The domestic violence industry ignores women that are beaten by their partners. The media gets points and praise from people of mainstream hip-hop norms. Often, the appeal of commentary on hip-hop comes from rapper showing off their masculinity. Rap music stereotypes young women dressed like prostitutes in the rap videos showing off their ass, breasts, to impress, which appeals the man.

In contrast, men who beat and physically abuse women, you are called a bitch. If men are brave enough to express themselves in a rational and masculine way, you are called a bitch for that. And finally if men don't stand up for themselves and letting a woman walk all over you and disrespect you, you can be accused of being a bitch. The social norm is that rappers tend to dislike any feminine behaviors (positive or negative) in men. In this second song it talks about masculinity. “If you act like a bitch (nigga) nigga you get smacked like a bitch” What the rappers are saying is that females are perceived as weak. Men don't want to be perceived as female because it threatens their masculinity.

(Masculinity= strength, not weakness) Weakness irritates men, particularly if it's seen in other men. Because “bitch” behavior is perceived as female, and men aren't supposed to act like females. Feminism has made it that a variety of masculine characteristics are now perceived more favorably. We see a man crying, we assume he's gay or seriously messed up. Because of the standards of hegemonic masculinity men have little sympathy. In the second song, “Must we break you down to estrogen most hated specimen's a bitch nigga!” This song equates heterosexual stereotyping masculinity.” Males typically want to show their peers...
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