Someone Named Eva Book Report

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Germany Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Book Report

NAME: Bailey Barnes

TITLE: Someone Named EvaAUTHOR: Joan M. Wolf

GENRE: Realistic Fiction# of PAGES: 200

Citation: Wolf, Joan M. Someone Named Eva

SETTING: The exposition begins in Lidice, Czechoslovakia at Milda’s home. Then it changes to Puschkau, Poland at a training camp to become perfect German citizens, then to Furstenberg, Germany where she lives then back to Lidice, Czechoslovakia where she finishes growing up.

POINT of VIEW: First Person

PROTAGONIST: The protagonist would be Milda and all the innocent people that were captured or killed. Milda is the main character, an innocent Czechoslovakian girl which gets captured and taken away during the Holocaust. TEXTUAL EVIDENCE: “I was eight when the Nazis came. A week after their arrival we had visited Mama’s cousin in Prague, and I had seen the victory parade the Nazis held for Hitler. The soldiers had marched by fiercely, wearing tall black boots and black swastikas on their uniforms. We had been require to attend, and everyone had been forced to raise their right arm and say, ‘Heil Hitler!’” (page 13-14)

ANTAGONIST: the antagonist would be Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Germans. Adolf Hitler wanted all the Jews gone or dead, which is wrong. To achieve his goal he had to gather a group of people who would follow him and kill all the Jews. TEXTUAL EVIDENCE: “Every morning began with the German national anthem and our salute to Hitler, then calisthenics and German lessons.” (Page 71) “’But the night they took us away, the Nazis told us Papa and Jaroslav had been sent to a work camp! They said…’ and then I stopped, and my stomach lurched with the realization. Another Nazi lie.” (page 185-186)

EXTERNAL CONFLICT: The Nazis invaded other European countries and make them heil Hitler. Milda gets taken away from her home and has to adjust to her new surroundings RESOLUTION: In the end the Nazis get overtaken and Milda is reunited with her family....
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