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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Please be advised that the following is a list of websites that might be useful in preparation for the various topics for Principles of Responsible commerce. You are advised to visit these sites, and may find them helpful for preparing for your tutorials, Reflective Journal, and Examinations. The list of sites in not exhaustive, but a starting point to help you find your way. Please note that while these sites are arranged by topic, many of them contain information and resources that are useful across topics.

TOPIC 1 Introduction to Responsible Commerce
The Global Economic Crisis- Financial Times

TOPIC 2 Rights, Duties & Moral Philosophies
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

TOPIC 3 Approaches to Responsible & Ethical Commerce

TOPIC 4 Historical Context of Commerce
Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

TOPIC 5 Capitalism & Commerce
CNN Money – US Debt

TOPIC 6 Distributive Justice
Global Issues

TOPIC 7 Globalization
World Trade Organization

World Bank

International Monetary Fund

TOPIC 8 International Business
Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission

Transparency International (Malaysia)
TOPIC 9 Environment
Environmental Protection Agency

TOPIC 10 Whistle Blowing
The Star online- Article
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