Some People Think That Examinations Have Some Bad Effects on Both Students and Teachers. Some People Say They Do a Good Job in the Evaluation of the Students’ Performance. What Is Your Opinion?

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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From primary school to university, examination and grade plays a significant role to every student. Specially, good grade has become the primary key to some big companies’ door in job market and colleges seem GPA as an essential factor for entrance. Although examinations and their scores are widely accepted by public, we still need to consider them from both advantages and disadvantages. (62)

On the one hand, examination has its unique qualities which could be hardly replaced by other ways. Most important of all, it provides the fairest way to test students’ ability. The college entrance exam in China is a typical example for this. No matter who one’s parents are or how rich one’s family is, this example ensures all of examinees could be evaluated and admitted in an equal situation. Also, examination could demonstrate a host of aspects of a student. A good student with a great grade is usually hardworking, smart and logical. What is more, examination is also a good approach to test and enhance our knowledge. Obviously, after study by weeks or months, the most effective way to test our knowledge is to take an exam. (128)

On the other hand, there are surely some disadvantages of examination that could not be overlooked. Most of all, someone might argue that exams cannot reflect all aspects of a person, especially the moral qualities. It is probably true because a murderer would have had an excellent grade in school. Moreover, score is so important that a great number of students ignore their development on other aspects. For instance, most of Chinese students can hardy cook a meal or do some household chores. And study kills all of their time instead of pursuing their interests. (95)

In conclusion, examinations do an essential job in the evaluation of students’ performance and could not be replaced in a short term. But, some measures should be adopted by schools and parents to evaluate students more comprehensively and encourage their interests, such as...
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