Some Guidelines and Tips for Thesis Oral Defense

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Writing Pages: 3 (342 words) Published: January 22, 2013

A. The Presentation

I. Title of the Study

• Establish your study by presenting the most relevant related literature.

• The terms should be defined or presented in the review of related literature

(Note: Presentation of literature should be in outline form or short sentences form. Quotations should be properly cited. Be sure you can explain well everything you include in your presentation of literature)

• Statement of the Problem

II. Present the Framework of the Study

• Be sure that you can explain well the framework of your study. Explain how the variables are inter-related. Citations is important.( Note: You may not include explanation in your ppt but be sure you know how to explain in your during presentation)

III. Present the Method in Outline Form

• Research Method

• Sample and Sampling (respondents)

• Instruments

• Data Analysis

(Be sure that you can explain these well during your oral defense)

IV. Results and Discussion ( conclusion and recommendation)

• Present the results that directly answer the statement of the problem. Important tables must be presented. Explanation of the results shall be done clearly. Results should accurate and related to the problem.

• Include only the important results (in outline or paragraph form, but avoid lifting the ones written in the paper; summarize)

• Conclusion and recommendations should be presented briefly. Elaborate them during presentation/oral defense.

V. Attachment/appendix ( Letters, questionnaire, interview guide)

(Note: Bring your questionnaires and outputs during oral defense, the panelists may ask for them)

VI. Be sure that you can present all of these in 20 minutes.

“Apply your Knowledge and Skills in Preparing PPT”

B. The Manuscript

• Be sure that your paper is...
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