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Topics: Stock market, Stock exchange, Stock Pages: 4 (1528 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Title: Investment and Portfolio Management, Stock Exchange
Most things, which are happening in the world, are affected by money. In my dissertation I will discuss stock exchanges. What is it stock exchange, how stock exchange works, what common people thinks about stock exchange and how people can invest into stocks, bonds, securities and probably options and futures. The reason why I choose stock markets as my topic of my dissertation is that I am really interested in stock markets. I have chosen the stock exchange also because I want to explain how people can get rich or poor really quickly. When you want to trade on the stock market you need to predict the direction of the financial markets and you must also have luck. In this dissertation I analyse stocks and their prices through my own portfolio where we have invested with my group in module Investment and portfolio management. I analyse rises and falls in the prices of securities and the cause of these changes. World today is modern and fast, and it also adapts to the stock exchange. Most of the books I have read in the library were printed in the 90th years or they were even older. Who wants to be successful in the stock market must have relevant information about what happens in the world, in companies and in financial markets. The states are in financial crises, markets are unstable and risk is really high. In my work, I will also try to deal with concept of risk and return. Body:

‘It’s paper anyway. It was paper when we started, and it’s paper now …’ Citation of Sam Moore Walton.
Stock exchange is extremely large topic. As Pratten (1993) pointed out in his book called the stock exchange, stock exchange is an enormous topic, and there is no possibility to make a book, journal, or another source of information of this operation that can fully include everything what is necessary. Everybody has ever met with the word stock exchange, but the most of people still don’t know what this...
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