Solve Sundsbo

Topics: Photography, Fashion photography, Edward Steichen Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Solve Sundsbo

Early Life
Solve Sundsbo is a Norwegian fashion photographer, born in 1970. •Sundsbo realised he wanted to pursue photography seriously after taking reportage and action photos of his friends skiing and clubbing. •In the beginning of his career, he had difficulty finding a job because his work had no particular style and so people would say to him “ I’m sot sure if I can hire you, I’m not sure what you are doing. What is your style?” •Still in his early twenty’s, Sundsbo left Norway to study a photography course at the London College of Printing, England. •Very soon into his studies, Sundsbo became an assistant for fashion photographer, Nick Knight. •After years of assisting/working with Knight, Sundsbo is now regarded to be one of the outstanding innovators in contemporary photography.

Sundsbo’s “style”’
Sundsbo’s style is recognized by all of the big names in the industry, marked by his undeniable ability to continuously reinvent his own style. “If I’ve got a style,” says Sundsbo, “it’s that I’ve got no style.” •Solve Sundsbo’s work are all cleverly manipulated, making them out of the ordinary. His work incorporates everything from X-rays and 3D scanning to hi-tech manipulation and lengthy hand-painted retouching. •Sundsbo has successfully developed his technique and it’s unique use of shadow and light, creating a very light, futuristic and ethereal image. •Sundsbo creates remarkable pictures by concentrating on volume, line and graphics and with the use of filters and transparency. •Most of Sundsbo’s pictures look as if they’ve been digitally altered when in fact, he uses a lot of old-fashioned techniques to make those effects.

Sundsbo’s Work
Solve Sundsbo collaborates regularly with Harper’s Bazaar, V, The New York Times, Numero, The Face, Citizen K, Dazed & Confused and Pop magazines as they are all drawn to his atypical style. •He also shoots campaigns for Hermes, H&M, Puma, Gucci, Emmanuel Ungaro, Yves...
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