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Topics: Narendra Modi, Gujarat, Keshubhai Patel Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Congress candidate from Maninagar, Shweta Bhatt, today appealed Keshubhai Patel-led Gujarat Parivartan Party to withdraw its candidate from the fray.

Bhatt, the wife of suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, is contesting the election against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi from Maninagar.

The constituency is considered to be a BJP stronghold.

“I appeal to all the political parties which oppose BJP to support me in my political battle against the Gujarat Chief Minister... I appeal especially to GPP Chief Keshubhai Patel to withdraw his candidate,” Bhatt told reporters.

In her maiden press conference, Bhatt said, “I am confident that Keshubhai will accept my appeal.”

“I am not fighting this political battle for myself alone ... I am fighting it on behalf of entire Gujarat, so those who have faith in Indian constitution and democracy... political outfits and individuals should support me,” she said.

On being asked if she had a chance against Modi, Bhatt said, “Absolutely. I am going to win this election. I am a very new entrant into politics... I have come with a true heart, to speak the truth, and want to do something.”

Asked what would be her response if Keshubhai Patel made a counter appeal, Bhatt said, “So far no such appeal has been made from GPP. If it comes, we would see.”

Replying to a query about complaint filed in a Lucknow court that her husband violated service rules by accompanying her to file nomination, Bhatt said, “I am an Indian woman and would expect my husband to support me in my endeavours. He came to extend moral support to his wife.”

Keywords: Gujarat Assembly polls, Sanjiv Bhatt, Shweta Butt, Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister, Maninagar constituency

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