Solitary Reaper

Topics: William Wordsworth, Bird, The Solitary Reaper Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 11, 2011
The Solitary Reaper
Reference to context
“Behold her single in the field
……………is overflowing with the sound.

Q1)Name the poet ? Whom is the poet talking about ? What effect does it have on the poet ?Describe the cost 2 lines of the verse ? The poet is William Wordsworth the poet describes the image of solitary reaper who is a highland lass or a girl in the field .The girl is reaping and singing all by herself .She cuts and binds the grain into bundles and while doing this she sings a melancholy song . The vale profound is deep valley whish seems to be overflowing with this melancholy song as it echoes in the valley. Q2)Why did the poet compare the song of the solitary reaper with those of the nightingales and cuckoo bird? The poet was deeply moved by the sweet melancholic song of the Highland lass .It was so profound that it was sweeter than a nightingale or a cuckoo bird .The nightingale sings to welcome the weary travelers in the Arabian desert . the thrilling voice of the cuckoo bird announce the onset of spring and it is pleasant that it breaks the silence of the seas for till the islands of Hebrides. Ref 2 :Will no one tell me ………… that has been and may be again . Q1)Why does the poet ask the question in the first line of the verse? The poet asks this question as he is unable to understand the meaning of the as the language in which she was singing was not familiar to the poet. Q2)What is meant by “plaintive number “?

The plaintive numbers are the melancholic sad songs which flow from the reapers heart one after another . Q3)What could have been the themes of the song ?
The poet wonders if she is singing painful songs about battles fought long ago or some some sad event of the past . She may be singing about everyday occurrence of sorrow , loss or pain that may have occurred once and may occur again. Ref 3: “Whatever the theme , the maiden sang………….

…………..long aftyer it was heard no more.
Q1)Why does the poet say “whatever the theme “?
It means...
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