Soldier's in Battle

Topics: British Empire, World War II, World War I Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: August 21, 2012


1. Name of the Book-Soldiers in Battle
2. Author-Kenneth Allen
3. Published By-Odhams Books Limited, London
4. Year of Publication-1966
5. Reproduced By-Services Book Club
6. Year of Reproduction-1990
7. Illustrated By-James Macintyre
8. Pages-176
9. Chapters-13
10. Subject-Military History
11. Binding-Hard Cover
12. Price-Not Mentioned

1. This book comprises of stories of some of the greatest battles fought in the human history which have influenced the course of it. It is story of bravery, tactics, strategies and devotion to one’s cause. The book comprises of 13 chapters, all dealing with separate incidents of war in the history and factors which affected its conclusion. Each story is unique with valuable lessons for a reader.


2. MegiddoIn Chapter-1 author has discussed the first fully recorded battle in history. The battle was fought between Thotmis III a Prince of Palestine who was also a newly crowned Pharaoh and Prince of Kadesh who was the central commander along with 350 other princes in front of the town Megiddo in Palestinian region. The capture of Megiddo by Thotmis III meant winning in one stroke the whole of northern Palestine. 3. ThermopylaeIn Chapter-2 the author has discussed the Greeks defense of their homeland against the Persian invader Emperor Xerxes in a mountain pass called Thermopylae. A Spartan Leonidas stopped with 7000 men out of whom were 300 Spartans who were trained to be soldiers since the age of seven. Leonidas command proved fatal for Xerxes and resulted in his defeat. 4. Somewhere In BritainIn Chapter-3 the author has discussed an encounter between the Romans and the British. Romans were commanded by General Suetonius Paulinus. The Roman strength was a mere 10,000 whereas the opposition was advancing with 200,000 and more than that towards them....
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