Solar Vacuum Cleaner

Topics: Fossil fuel, Energy development, Alternative energy Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: April 8, 2013
umerous ways are presented to conserve energy. The process of conserving energy is not only how but also on what to use for it. Solar energy is one alternative energy source that would be converted to electricity by the use of these solar panels. Most solar panels are using silicon to produce the panels. The cells that are contained in these solar panels are normally silicon. These individual cells are shrinking all the time and becoming cheaper to produce. Solar panels provide users with a source for their work. Applications of solar panels are presently economical where there is plenty of sunshine. They further added that solar panels help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting resources that are used to generate electricity. There are many reasons why most people use solar panels not only it is a source of clean, cheap, and renewable energy for our homes. Using solar panels can influence the capacity of our home supplies. This method allows us to generate additional electricity which can be fed into our current power systems, which will have the effect of reducing consumption from the national grid, saving you money in the process. This project is about fabrication of a dual powered outdoor vacuum cleaner, in which we will have a suction pump which will be run by a dc motor, the outlet of the pump will be connected to a bin which will hold the litter. The power to the dc motor will be provided by a battery, which will be charged by the solar panels mounted on top of the device. Provision is provided to charge the battery in adverse conditions by electricity. The complete unit will be mounted on a trolley for easy movement. By this technology the use of engines run by fuel for the same purpose can be eliminated as fuel is one depleting source of energy and the price of fuel in the recent years is an increasing curve on the graph which is still increasing further. This device can be used in places like school, hospital, compounds, railway stations,...
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