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About 5 Billion years ago,
y There was no Sun, no Earth& no Moon y Only cosmic dust and gasses drifted in the

darkness of space


The solar system was formed by a slowly spinning cloud of gas and cosmic dust, gradually the cloud began to spin faster and faster this formed a large spinning whirl at the centre and smaller whirls surrounding it at various distances.

The huge and heavy centre became hot enough to start thermo nuclear reaction the centre began to glow and became our sun. The smaller whirls attracted more and more particles from the cloud of dust and gases and grew in size finally they formed into planets at various distances from sun .

Solar system consists of following things: Sun  Planets(eight)  Moons  Asteroids(thousands in number)  Meteors(millions)  Comets(millions)  Tiny sand like objects as well as gigantic rocks

Nearly 99% of the total mass of the solar system is in the sun. this gives the sun an enormous force of attraction. The force produced by the revolution of planets is balanced by the sun¶s gravitational force. This balance of forces keeps the members of the solar family in place.

 The sun is our nearest star.  It is a huge of ball of hot gasses.  It s temperature so high that all the elements in the sun are

in gaseous state.
 The sun consists of mostly hydrogen and helium

The sun has two motions . They are :1. Rotation on its axis ,Its rotation period at its equator is 25 earth days And at its poles, it is35 earth days. 2. Circular movement among its neighboring stars and constellations. it travels at 250 Km/sec

The planets are formed at various distances from sun. they are independent on each other and revolve in their respective paths around the sun. Only earth, the third planet in the solar system has life in all solar system. The four planets near to sun, Mercury, Venus,...
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