Soil and Its Types

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Soil and its types:
What is the Soil?
‘Soil' is the thin layer on the surface of the Earth on which the living beings survive. Soil is the layer which is composed with many substances; in this layer various plants have their roots. Soil is made of many substances like weathered rock particles, and decayed plant and animal matter. Soil is made of diverse materials like broken down rock particles and organic material. There are different types of soil and various ways to classify it.


There are many soil classification systems. There are two major systems are the vernacular system and scientific system. * Vernacular system
* scientific system

For example, in vernacular system soil can be categorized as red soil, black soil, yellow soil, hot soil, etc. In scientific system the soil can be categorized according to the development of soil or the amount of substances present in the soil. As there are various systems to classify soils, it means soil classification is not static. This makes soil classification vast and sometimes confusing. However, mostly classification of soil is based on the size of the particles it contains. Categorizing soil or dirt by the size of particles is most common, and can be easily performed at home. This classification helps to understand the basic properties of the soil and helps to conclude if the type of soil is good enough for gardening or farming. Types of soil:

Therefore depending on the size of the particles in the soil, it can be classified into these following types.

* Sandy soil
* Silty soil
* Clay soil
* Loamy soil
* Peaty soil
* Chalky soil
3 major types of soil:
* Sandy Soil:

To check if soil is sandy, moisten a small sample of soil and try to make a ball using your palms. If the soil is sandy, then no dirt balls will form and the soil will crumble and fall through the fingers. This soil type has the biggest particles; and the bigger size of the particles in...
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