Software Engineering Intro and Review

Topics: Point of sale, Receipt, Customer service Pages: 16 (4711 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction
Technology is one contributor for which the world will experience a constant change. Through technology, it can solve the problem of handling the great flood of information in a way that it can be available faster and better. Technology has been part in every aspect of human’s life today. Without technology, life wouldn’t be as convenient as today. Every little part of the world was surrounded by technology.

Information and Communications Technology refers to all any communication device of application. ICT differs from IT, which uses computer to store and handle information, for it focuses more on communication in information technology. It consist IT as well as telecommunications, audio and video transmission, and network based monitoring and control or the merging of telephone networks with computer networks. According to the European Commission, the importance of ICTs lies less in the technology itself than in its ability to create greater access to information and communication in underserved populations. 

Nowadays, the existence of humans revolves around ICTs. Rapid advancements are being established daily. It has driven man to continuously seek ways to improve the processing and communicating of information. (Ndukwe, 2002). New ICTs can improve the quality of society, community and human life. With the use of ICT, it can connect and bridge distances through email, video conferencing, cellular phones, etc. This will break the barriers in communication. Due to high accessibility and affordability, ICT provides different kinds of opportunities.

Developing a system which can be used over the computer or any electronic gadget is part of the technology. Having a web-based localhost POS system that will automate the transactions within the company will be an advantage in enhancing the services offered to their customers for it can do things beyond human abilities. Point of Sale System is the solution for the business owners to conveniently check and record sales. Also, POS can also print receipts and reports and records all the necessary information that can help business owners make better business decisions. It makes the business accounting a lot easier.

Our client, TravelDepot Inc. is an organization whose first priority is our clients - their travel needs, their views and opinions that we respect. It was founded by people who have the passion of giving personalized travel services to clients and keeping their best interests in mind. The vision of this company is to build memories through travel. Visiting and exploring new places, meeting new people, visiting family and getting back together with existing friends is what TRAVEL is all about. The MEMORIES you bring back with you is PRICELESS and its mission is to provide our clients exceptional services to build in them a feeling of satisfaction, trust and confidence. It is our genuine desire to treat our clients in a professional and courteous manner with a friendly smile on their faces and voices in return.

For more than 10 years, TravelDepot Inc. always gives great experiences and services to their customers, but as the years goes by innovation takes place. Technology has its unending changes. And this was one factor that TravelDepot Inc. still unable to adapt. Up to the present, the company still uses their old manual processing of transactions that became their disadvantage with other companies.

The problem that the company encountered were having a manual preparation of official receipts, Purchase Order, Disbursement Voucher, Statement of Account, Accounts Payable Voucher, posting to the receivable ledger, payable ledger, disbursements and receipts books which results to the slow services they are providing. Too much paper works and difficult to track records and profiles and has no control to all transactions starting from the reservations and accounting department. With...
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