Sodium Chloride and Water -different Concentrations

Topics: Diffusion, Petri dish, Laboratory glassware Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Material and Methods
* Osmosis :
-thistle funnel tube
-dialysis tubing sack
-saturated NaCl w/food coloring
-beaker with distilled H2O
The experiments begins with the construction of a simple osmometer by obtaining pre-soaked length of tubing ,opened and tied at the end. The tube is filled with saturated NaCl solution (with added food coloring) and the thistle is inserted in the dialysis tubing. The dialysis tubing is sealed to the thistle funnel with dental floss and placed in a beaker filled with distilled H2O until it is fully submerged.

At 6:18 p.m. the height of the column of the fluid in the thistle funnel is measured. The process is repeated after intervals of five minutes. The time is recorded and the height. * Diffusion in solids

-4 agar plates
-KMnO4 crystals
-methyl orange
The experiment requires 4 plates of agar due to his transparency and the colloid that forms when mixed with water. One pair of plates is labeled 4^0 C and the second pair RT (room temperature). After taking the lids of the first pair ,using a tooth pick, a small crystal of potassium permanganate is placed in the center of the of the agar and the same amount of methyl orange. The same process is repeated for the second pair. The first pair of plates is then placed in the refrigerator ant the time is recorded at 6:05 p.m. as the start time. The end time will be after 1 hour has elapsed. The radius of the crystal are measured and recorded for both sets of pairs. Then the rate of diffusion for each molecule is calculated by converting the radius from millimeters to micrometers and dividing the resulting number by the number of minutes the plates were sitting. * Diffusion in liquid

-room temperature water
-crystal of KmnO4

A glass Petri dish is filled with room temperature water and placed over a thin, metric ruler. A crystal of KMnO4 is placed directly over the ruler. The starting time is recorded at 6.40...
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