Socrates' Refusal of Crito's Proposal

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  • Published : April 6, 2007
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Socrates' Refusal of Crito's Proposal
Nicole Pardue
Word Count 737

We ask ourselves why Socrates would refuse the proposal made by Crito to save his life. Socrates' fate would be exultation, but he would be alive. Although he is no young jock he still has life left. We see that Socrates is a man who has self respect as well as respect for those around him. He did not accept his friends offer to get him out of prison and to save his life due to this respect. He says that is it not right to do wrong even to those who have wronged you. This might be where we get the saying two wrongs don't make a right. When reading the dialogue of Crito it is made clear of how much Socrates wants to do the right thing. Socrates knows that the right thing to do is to stay in prison and not accept the great offer of his friend Crito.

In the first dialogue Socrates discusses pious versus impious actions. Again he is rather unclear on his definition. Socrates was unjustly accused of being impious. It is here that we first see what a good and pious man Socrates is. We recognize this in spite of him being charged of an impious act. It is questionable if Socrates' definition of pious is the true definition. If in fact it is then his actions would be impious. Socrates is not represented in a way that he would commit an impious act knowing that it was impious. In order for Socrates to commit an act of this type he must have truly thought that he was doing the right thing.

Socrates will not go back on his word. He has committed a crime that is seen as despicable in that time period. This is not even considered a crime anymore. However, Socrates made a commitment to the courts that he would stay, face his sentence and not exile himself. When Crito suggests that he flee and live the rest of his life exiled Socrates refuses. The country that he would be exiled from has been his home and has been good to him. This is the place that he had chosen to live and the place that he...
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