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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Jewish immigrants always seemed to be the outsiders struggling to survive physically in other countries. Even in the United States, they are treated like outsiders more than any other white ethnic group. Jewish immigrants weren’t satisfied with the lack of the opportunities that was presented in their countries and they began to migrate to the United States in the 1600s. However, anti-Semitism had arisen in the United States. There were openly anti-Semitism organizations and violent acts toward the Jewish Americans.

Jewish Americans decided to create their own association to protect themselves from the crimes that were happening to them in the United States. Rabbi Meir Kahane created the Jewish Defense League in New York in 1968.This group was created to deal with the threats against the Jewish Americans. This was an extremist group and used violence to get their word across. Their goals were reinvigoration of ethnic pride and use of armed citizen patrols to protect communities from the hate crime against them. They had protested against the Soviet Union during their diplomatic activities and attempted to assassinate some of them. Although though they were trying to fight against Jewish Americans hate crimes in the community, most Jews did not agree with extremist groups such as this one.

Jewish Americans and African Americans has had an alliance goes back for more than a century. For instance, three Jewish immigrants helped abolitionist John Brown’s armed struggle against slavery in the 1850s. Between 1914 and 1939, a Jewish American by the name of Joel Spingarn was chairperson for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In the Holocaust, African Americans soldiers fought for the United States to help free the Jewish Americans from the Nazis. In the 1960s, some went to the South to help defend African American protestors in court and register them to vote. Just because of the these kind acts, some were murdered just...
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