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Topics: Barack Obama, Homosexuality, Boy Scouts of America Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Kyle Atkinson
Prof. Brisolara
Intro. To Sociology
18 February 2013
Traditions Going Away With Changing Times
Recently, the Boy Scouts of America have been under some scrutiny on their policy of banning gays from Boy Scouts. There is a dispute between the conflicts of discrimination and going against policies of the church. Along with that, the ways of going about handling the issue always seem different.

If they were to give troops the option to decide whether or not gays are allowed in, it would most likely ensue lawsuits against equality. By forcing those troop leaders to make that decision, it would be going against peoples’ beliefs either way. Another angle that people are taking is that the 100-year standard should not be impacted by popular culture. Many people believe that there are some traditions that should not have to be left behind because of transforming cultures. In a way, it is a cultural trend. But it is also not as widely accepted to discriminate against sexual preference in the country.

In a whole, the controversy will spark many discussions and conversations to come. Whether the ban is overturned is one thing, but whether or not it is accepted amongst the majority of the scouting community is another.

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By NOMAAN MERCHANT - Associated, Press. "Policy Banning Gays Faces Vote As Boy Scouts Meet." AP English Worldstream - English (2013): Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. By NOMAAN MERCHANT
IRVING, Texas (AP) ” The Boy Scouts of America's policy excluding gay members and leaders could be up for a vote as soon as Wednesday, when the organization's national executive board meets behind closed doors under intense pressure from several sides.

BSA announced last week it was considering allowing troops to decide whether to allow gay membership. It would be the latest step in the national debate over gay rights in the U.S., where some states allow gay marriage and the Supreme Court in March will consider questions...
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