Sociology and Friends

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  • Published : April 18, 2006
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Who are the real friends? Well, ever since I was small my mother would always tell me that there's no such thing as friends. She would say, "You only have classmates coworkers and people that you could socials with". But, I think differently, friends are all over the place. There are several kinds of friends in this world. We see them everyday either in school, home, or at the job. But, had we ever stopped to think to classify our friends. In my opinion I classify friends on how well I know them and how well they know me. The three main ones are the general friends, social friends, and best friends. The first type of friend is the general friend. This means that you only know their name. Several times you might not even remember what they look like if you stop seeing them for a day or two. Those kinds of friends you could find anywhere, such as in school, work, on the bus, or anywhere else you might be. General friends you won't stop to talk to them for more then an hour. Those kinds of friends are the ones that you only say hi and bye. You won't see general friends that often. Also, if your friend has a friend then he also starts to become your general friend. Those kinds of friends are the ones that come and go. The second kinds of friends are the social friends. After working or socializing everyday in life with them you feel more comfortable. Social friends are the ones that you have to have in life. Having social friends deal with your life routing you see them at work, school, church, park, anywhere. But, those friends are the ones that you would go out and have a great time. Social friends also might know your family and other friends. They are the ones that would also help you with some problems. But the best friends are the one that know everything in you life and help you with all your problems. The third type of friend is a best friend. A best friend falls into general friend then social friend leading to become your best...
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