Sociological Imagination Critique

Topics: Sociology, Social sciences, Anthropology Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Eric McCarthy
Our knowledge of our own social structure and a broader view of history can help us to change the course of our actions, and the course of history, to suit our own beliefs. The issue with this is that one person cannot individually alter the course of history. One person can influence many others, and when this occurs, history can change. Most of the world does not look beyond their own small, segmented realm. They are burdened with the activities of day to day living and do not have the time, desire, or in some cases, the capacity to understand where their place is in the sociological hierarchy. Only by taking this approach, can one start to realize that their path in life, no matter how minute it may seem, affects everything around them. Stepping back and looking at history and their current biography, and being able to clearly see the relations between the two is the sociological imagination. It is what allows the greatest minds to conjure up the most profound questions in sociology. Who are we as a society and where are we in relation to history? What drives us to change the way we are and how does this impact the direction to which the human race is headed? The sociological imagination becomes the driving force for society. We cannot pretend to understand sociology without first understanding our place in it. As I learn more about it, and understand the concept, I can start to place myself, at least in part, in sociological history. I can also start looking at others and other cultures to determine where they fit in. From this I can start to deduce where they are headed and how they will get there. Society will drive to wherever it is steered. It is typically steered by people who are able to utilize the sociological imagination. These people can see their place in history and alter the course that it is headed. This can work both ways. It can make great things happen, or cause tremendous horror. This direction that it...
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