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Substance abuse is the use of a drug or other substance for a non-medical use, with the aim of producing some type of 'mind-altering' effect in the user. This includes both the use of illegally produced substances, and the abuse of legal drugs, in a use for which the substance was not intended. Often this involves use of the substance in excessive quantities.

In the community of Malabar Arima, the abuse of various substances has been a problem amongst members of this community for years. As a result of this evident fact, the researcher saw a definite need to investigate the cause and effects of this problem aimed at creating a guide to addressing same.

Malabar is a residential district located in the Eastern Borough of Arima, prior to the development of both private and Government houses in the late 60’s. Malabar was a densely populated family oriented community. Today this community can boast of being one of the fastest developing communities in Arima, with the inclusion of four Government community housing phases and several private community housing, Malabar has grown from a predominantly east Indian community to one of mixed races.

This development have brought with it some negatives one of which gave rise to this project and has contributed to this once peaceful community developing a reputation as crime hot spot. Substances such as cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and tobacco became a growing problem in this community, with the formation of drug blocks and several rum shops in prime areas of Malabar. Although most of the individuals who were involved in the high crime activities have passed away resulting from turf wars and police shoot outs, the problem of substance abuse continue to exists, manifesting itself in the late nights loitering and petty thefts to support their vices.

The abuse of illegal substances and other substances legally permitted by law, continue to be a problem in the community of Malabar. This has lead to the negative stigmatization of this once peaceful community to the extent that this researcher sees it as a problem worth investigating.

The aim of this assessment is to highlight and analyze some of the causes and effects of substance abuse in the community of Malabar Arima and provide recommendations for resolving same, which can be used as future guide to other communities experiencing like problems.

Task: 1

Statement of the problem
What are the causes and effects of substance abuse in the community of Malabar, Arima?

Task: 2

Rationale (Reason for selecting this topic)
This topic was selected as it is evidently clear that the abuse of illegal and legal substances has become a cause of concern in the community of Malabar, resulting in this once peaceful community transforming into and now stigmatized as a “crime hot spot area”.

Task: 3

Method of investigation
The questionnaire was chosen as the desired instrument to collect the necessary data for this project. A vast amount of information can be gathered from a larger sample source via questionnaires as compared to interviews and focus groups. It affords the participants more time to think and analyze their responses rather than an impromptu impulsive response which brings more credibility to the project. A sample size of thirty (30) questionnaires was deemed necessary to provide the sufficient information needed for this project. They were distributed on December 22, 2012 to community members of various ages and professional backgrounds and were returned on December 27, 2012.

Task: 4
Design of Instrument

Dear Respondents,
My name is Kirby Durant, I am 16 years of age and a member of the Malabar Community. I am a Form Five student of St Anthony’s College presently preparing for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Social Studies examination. The CXC Social Studies syllabus...
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