Social Stratification

Topics: Educational psychology, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 4 (1130 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Learning and Motivation
Classroom Management
Educational Technology


Schools and classrooms are unique social organizations composed of people who are different from each other. There are students who are attentive, industrious and productive and there are those who are not participating in the class. Teachers label them as unmotivated pupils. Teachers become frustrated when the pupils appear to be unmotivated. There are ways on how teachers can boost the interest of the pupils. One way is to observe proper classroom management. It involves maintaining order in the classroom and sustaining pupils’ interest. No matter how organized and skillful the teacher is in delivering the lesson, students will probably behave in ways that interfere with teaching and learning. There are lots of ways on how teachers can deal with pupils’ behavior. There are strategies that teachers can use to respond to the problem of disruptive behavior of the students. One way of dealing with problems regarding behavior is to sustain the interest of the pupils through presenting different technologies. Educational technology refers to the technologies applied to the teaching and learning process. They have important roles in effectively transmitting knowledge and skills to the students. These technologies can help the teachers control the class. The teachers must be knowledgeable and resourceful on the use of educational technologies and managing classroom situations that can help motivate the pupils to sustain their interest for better learning. III. ANALYSIS

Motivation is something that causes a person to act. It arouses, sustains, directs and integrates behavior. It is very important to motivate the pupils in the classroom because it is believed that no better learning will be developed in them unless they are motivated. Motivation can either be intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the desire of the students to do things whether or not...
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