Social Problems

Topics: Family planning, Sociology, Family Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: March 9, 2012
Nowadays, many countries are experiencing serious social issues like poverty, hunger, drug addiction, crimes, unemployment, and over population. Among these social issues, over population is considered as the most drastic and problematic. In fact, the Philippines was ranked 12th in the most populated country in the world with a total of 101,833,938 as of July 2011. As years gone by, the population in the Philippines rapidly increase, which gives rise to other social problems like, poverty, juvenile delinquency, and other problems of the same. And what’s more depriving is that, the Philippines also face some economic crises which further burden the government.

Family planning is one of the most effective ways to slow down the growing population. Though couples have the right to freely choose how many children they would like to have, it’s still an essence to be knowledgeable when it comes to planning your family size, for it will affect the family’s future circumstances and most importantly the children’s future. Definition of terms:

Social Problem- is the worst effect of unemployment, low salary and other issues of the society. Poverty- is the state of being poor.
Family Planning- is a method to control the increasing number of children in a family. Natural Method- is a method used by couples who are not using any contraceptives. Contraceptives- are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

With regards to our observation and the information gathered we therefore conclude that various aspects can greatly affect the choice of family size like financial status, traditions and others. Through our interview, we discovered different opinions and point of views from both families about living and how they cope with it. Having a large family was not always mean that they are of the low state rather those matters depends on certain circumstances. Recommendation:

We recommend that couples should learn the essence of family planning for it...
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