Social Pressure

Topics: Suicide, Causality, Suicide methods Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Nowadays, parents are known to put a lot of pressure on their children by expecting them to achieve the highest of grades while excelling in all classes. This can really stress the students out and have a negative impact on their performance. By demanding their kids to constantly bring home top grades, parents are indirectly causing their kids to suffer from anxiety in the classroom. This anxiety can cause students to score badly on exams by making poor judgments and over analyzing. The constant worrying of the possibility of selecting a wrong answer can cause them to doubt themselves. For example, there was a student in Korea whose name is Hyun Chul. He ended up committing suicide a year ago because he couldn’t handle the pressure from his parents. He was an excellent student at school, so his parents wanted him to receive the highest grade on the final exam in order to have the best opportunity for enrollment into medical school. Being pressured, he didn’t take the test as well as his parents expected. He was yelled at and scolded by his parents. This lead to severe depression, and caused him to take his own life. He overdosed on Seduxen medicine and passed away. This definitely brought shock to Hyun’s parents, and also serves as a reminder to other parents of this situation. Putting intense pressure on kids is not a good idea and parent should avoid it. Instead, parents ought to give them advice and encouragement before taking tests. This can ease any pressure and result in a more positive performance.
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