Social Phenomenon

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  • Published: November 19, 2001
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Social phenomena
The occurrences of modern Black social phenomena's reflect Black people's history in America; they are byproducts of a social system that has neglected their equality, liberty, justice, and needs. Most Black social phenomena are ironically misunderstood by the very system that help creates them. Along with being misunderstood, Black social phenomena's are also blamed for many of society's ills. The present welfare system was not created by black people but they receive the blame for its inefficiency. A vicious cycle has been created. Black social phenomena's occur with little control by black people, but the negative effects and consequences are blamed on Black people.

The Social phenomenon of Black Rage as depicted in Nathan McCall's Makes Me Want To Holler Has numerous causes and repercussions. The opening scene of the book is a description of a random white boy being beat senseless by Nathan and his friends. Nathan recalls the incident: "I gritted my teeth as I remembered some recent racial slight: This is for all the times you followed me around in stores... and this is for the times you treated me like a nigger.. and this is for G.P- General Principle - just' cause you white." The oppressive way of white society was the cause of this senseless beating. The white boy came to represent white society. Much like the beating of Reginal Denny, black people's frustration found an outlet.

One effect of the Black Rage depicted in McCall's book was a sense of satisfaction. "Fucking up white boys like that made us feel good inside"(McCall 4). The oppressed beating the oppressor was a liberating experience it made them feel powerful and free. Black Rage also helped fuel the stereotype that Black men were of a violent nature and libel to snap at any time. Retaliation and reaction by the system that helped create Black Rage was common. The Black Panther's Party, one of the most significant symbols of Black Rage was undermined by the Federal government.

The social phenomena of the Black Communities are quite different from other ethnic communities. Black communities are different because black people had little or no control over their location. In most cases black communities were a result of economics; black people created communities where it was affordable. Nathan McCall gives two opposing reasons as to why his neighborhood of Cavalier Manor was built. To inspire pride and help the lot of black people was one view. An opposing view was that Cavalier Manor was built to encourage blacks to move there instead of white neighborhoods.

Black communities have advantages and disadvantages. The fact that they represent the clientele in their communities forces businesses to cater to their needs. Politicians representing districts with large percentages of black people must appeal to their needs. These communities have also been able to flex their political and economic muscle with boycotts and demonstrations. The fact that most of these communities are located in inner-city areas with little economical growth or opportunity is a severe disadvantage.

Lack of economical opportunities in black communities has severe consequences. Economical dependency in the form of welfare runs rampant in these communities. Lack of employment leads many to pursue any means necessary to survive. Nathan McCall turned to a life of crime. There is no question that the amount of crime, specially drug-trafficking is directly related to the lack of quality opportunities in black communities. All society does is point the finger without truly understanding the whole situation. Black people and their communities become scapegoats for societies' ills.

The social phenomenon of Black-against-white crime in many instances is motivated by a need to lash out against the system that has taken its toll on black individuals. Some black people are generally fed up with trying to become members of the white mainstream. A mainstream that...
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