Social Network Service and Facebook

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I. Background2
Reason for choose this topic2
1.Time logs in Facebook per day6
2.Time spend on using Facebook per day7
3.The advantages of using Facebook8
4.The disadvantages of using Facebook?10
1. Time to use12
2. Purpose of using Facebook12
3. Interaction and relationship13


I. Background:
During the first decade of the 21st century, a popular and new word has come into our vocabulary. That word is Facebook. This is the most popular social networking website on the Internet. If you have not heard about Facebook until reading this, then you must have been for the last 5 years. Social network is a necessity tool in modern life, especially with the young like students, pupils. It is extremely that none of us know little about social networks and Facebook- the most popular social network in all over the world. Facebook has more than nine billion accounts and billions of click-mouse per day and 67% of them are between the ages of 13 -25. More than 35 million users update their status every day. 2.5 billion Photos are added each month. It is regarded as one of Mark Zuckerberg’s original intentions for Facebook, networking is still at the top of the list for why people signed up for Facebook. As more and more individuals join Facebook, the importance of ‘being there’ is growing. With Facebook’s average user age increasing, so this is the environment which people can enjoy the benefit in almost all life aspects. As the result, the student is the first object that is one of the most aims of Facebook when it was established. The reason is very simple that this website has most of characteristics which are suitable to attract the majority of pupils and students- the largest number of accounts on Facebook. They click on Facebook for many different purposes and different times in order to gain the information about many kinds of fields such as entertainment, cultural, social events and update information, share their feeling, play applications with friends and relatives.

Reason for choose this topic:

* Facebook is one of the most popular social networks: With more than one billion current accounts from over the world (average of 11 persons, it is 1 person using Facebook), Social networks appear anywhere have the Internet, in all countries, in different languages ​​and in accordance with all objects that wish to use.

* Facebook provides us the essential services for life: People use Facebook as the tool which help them connect with friends, make friends or build relationship with other people from all around the world. They found it is easy for them to keep contact with their old friend and family when they go away to other places, get closer to their new friends and also enrich their relationship. Thus, Facebook gives them the opportunity to communicate with other. Furthermore, people always want to care about what happening around them, how do the acquaintances do and this network gives them exactly what they want to know and interest in. In addition, Facebook has thousands of application, quiz, games, etc which is inceasing in oder to consistent with the needs of users.As a result, students are the first object and target when Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook. And IBD’s students are not exceptions.

* * Social networks, especially Facebook, are paid attention because of their effects on real life. In spite of its positive side, Facebook has significant negative impact on users. By doing this paper, we will identify the disadvantages of it as well as give some methods to deal with the problems * *

* The highest age groups...
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