Social Movements: Women's Liberation

Topics: African American, Black people, Social movement Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Social Movements Women's Liberation

Social Movements Women's Liberation
Before the women’s liberation movement, women were looked down upon. Women were always thought of as being less than men and women were considered to be fragile. Women who worked made much less than men and men did not think that women were able do the same type of work as they did. Women have definitely come a long way and during the women’s liberation movement, they made a lot of progress with how they were viewed. In the year 1970, the Sun Reporter conducted an interview with several people to see what men thought of the Women’s Liberation Movement. A majority of the men in the interviews agreed with the Women’s Liberation Movement. For instance, one man stated that “It’s wonderful, more power to them.” Another man stated, “I support women’s liberation; the movement has profound revolutionary content.” Even though there were some men that thought the movement was a good thing, most men strongly disagreed with the movement. For instance, one man said, “Women and their liberation? I sometimes wonder if women know what they want. I often think of them paying alimony or sweeping the streets.” Most men seemed to feel this way about women (Sun Reporter. 1968-1979). On another side of this movement, it seemed as if most African American men were absolutely against women’s liberation as well. Some would say that there was no need for African American women to join in with women’s liberation since they have already become liberated. Another article from the Sun Reporter interviewed an African American lady and she explained what the views were coming from the typical African American males. She basically said that the men of her own race do not believe that their women should be involved with this movement and they feel that it is more for the white women. Also, the men felt that since they already had an equal rights movement there was not any need for a women’s liberation movement...
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